Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Runway All Stars 2/23

It's been an interesting season. I have been so relieved that they haven't been doing group challenge after group challenge this time around. It might make things less dramatic without throwing everyone into teams all the time, but I'll gladly fore go those kinds of challenges because they only create stupid drama anyway.
On a different note, I'm surprised they didn't bring anyone back from Season 9. Were they filming too close together? I would've liked to see Viktor Luna come back. I wanted Anya to win last season, but I honestly like Viktor's collection more in the finale.

Anyway, on with the review...

I don't pretend to know squat about fashion, but Alexis and I enjoy having weekly chats about PR. I usually look over the outfits on Rate the Runway, which is on the Project Runway All Stars website.

Austin is hard to figure out sometimes. He'll make something amazing one week, and something awful the next. He is definitely not a consistent designer. This hot mess just reminded me of bright crepe paper or tissue paper. It definitely wasn't his best work, but it wasn't his worst either! I think his model needs to learn to not look like she's high on drugs every time she walks down the runway. She always has her eyelids drooping and her mouth hanging open--I noticed this last week.

The judges (and pretty much everyone) were right about Jerell's--it looked totally costume-y! I don't know why he would pick India when there were other choice. I feel like it was an easy choice, and yet it could've been difficult because you'd need restraint (which he apparently didn't have). Indian clothing is so recognizable that you really don't need to overdo it. It was a different style than your standard sari, but still quite obvious. I really don't know what could've been done differently, but you know if Mondo had gotten India that he would've whipped something out atypical.

The only thing about Kenley's outfit that even looked Chilean was the hair and makeup. She just can't let go of her "vintage" signature. She really does do the same silhouette, styles, and prints (can we say DOTS??) over and over again. I think the only reason why she's still in is because there are still people around who screw up and make unacceptable things. She'll get the boot when the weaker ones are weeded out and it comes down more to originality, flexibility, and talent rather than making the same stuff over and over again.

We all know that Michael's thing is draping, and he usually does an excellent job at it too. Usually. But this really did look like something akin to the statue of liberty. I could see just a little bit of Grecian influence, but overall I think it just looked like sheer window curtains. The jewels and colors...they could've worked together, but just not in this way. He can definitely do better.

Wow, I have to say that when I think "Papua New Guinea" I definitely do not think "Cruella de Vil." Or I feel like she could be an old James Bond woman. At any rate, she really missed the mark. I don't even know who would want to wear a dress that is half long and half short like that. It looks like there is supposed to be a pant leg that she didn't get around to sewing because she ran out of time, and now it just flaps around almost tripping up the model. She tried to get native influence mixed in by putting white dots along her brow I guess....but at that point I think it would've been better just to leave it out! It was definitely a tough challenge unless you know something about the people of PNG--of which I know nothing except about the natives--but still....dividing the dress into halves with black and red isn't really excusable at any time.

I find it incredible how many times this season that I have seen Mondo's final product and actually worried about his survival. I didn't know that this screamed Jamaica...but what do I know about that country anyway? I suppose if I visualize this dress AND the head wrap on a black woman with those awesome braids, I suppose it would look more Jamaican to me. Is that racist? I don't know. I don't mean to be anyway. It's such a shapely dress; I wonder if it's just the material that does that or if it's something technical in the sewing, or both? The judges didn't like the head wrap but I think it pulled it together more. I didn't like the back though.

Mondo really makes some crazy clothes sometimes, mixing all kinds of prints and colors and actually making it work. Then he creates something like a plain, sleek, black dress and still hits it out of the park! THAT is what a real designer is. It's pure talent and flexibility. I haven't seen any other designer as creative and ingenious as Mondo.

More than a few episodes ago I began believing that the entire purpose of Project Runway All Stars was solely for Mondo's benefit. Think about it....after the whole Gretchen debacle, can Lifetime and PR seriously afford another catastrophe like that? They lost a ton of fan base because of that decision--they can't afford to lose the rest. And this is besides the fact that Mondo is by far the most talented designer and deserves to win the show. I wonder if any of the other designers actually think they have a chance at this.

I used to hope that Austin, Michael, and Mondo would be the top three, but I'm wavering on Austin now. He could be fun but he's been doing poorly lately. I think Michael will probably get in the top and I think he deserves it. Everyone in season 8 underestimated him and I think he's gotten better since then too. It's a race between Jerell, Austin, and Kenley for the last spot I think. I really hope Kenley doesn't get it--I don't want to see a whole line of I Love Lucy dresses try to compete with real clothing.

This Elimination Chart is pretty neat (scroll down). I couldn't figure out how to get it on my post without it going all wonky, so the link is to the Wikipedia page is there instead.

Only five contestants left! Can't wait to see what happens this week!