Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Board

Just a quick post for this because it's so wickedly easy.

I wanted a chalkboard for the kitchen so I could write down the dates of foods in the fridge. So where did I go? Michael's, of course! But when I got there I couldn't find any chalkboards! I asked about them and apparently they had just gotten rid of them. I have no idea why because Michael's always has chalkboards! People need them! People like me!

Oh well. So I went to Walmart and found a cheap magnetic dry erase board instead so I could just put it on the side of the fridge. Easy, right?

It wouldn't stick to the fridge. The magnets were so weak they wouldn't hold up the light piece of plastic on the fridge or even on the side of the oven. I emailed the company and they *said* that I probably received "defective magnetic hardware" and offered to send me replacement magnetic hardware. Alright, we'll see if that ever shows up in the mail (admittedly, the dry erase board was like 2 bucks).

I haven't thought about it much, but then I saw this tutorial for making your own Framed Dry Erase Board at Joyful Homemaking. It was so easy and I had all of the supplies, so why not?

It took me about five minutes to make it. I didn't even know that you could write on glass with a dry erase marker. Or I guess I probably knew it, but I just didn't realize it.

I used some scrapbook paper (you can also wrap the cardboard insert in fabric of your choice--see the link above) and a picture frame that's been unused in a drawer forever. Fun! Now it's hanging on my wall in the kitchen rather than on the fridge, but I think it looks nice and I like the paper pattern I chose with the red wall. Fun, right??

The possibilities are endless with this idea, and you can see a few more ideas on Joyful Homemaking's tutorial page. When I looked up writing with a dry erase marker on glass, a page came up for 10+ Things to Do with Dry Erase Markers. Apparently you can wrap just about anything with packaging tape and write with a dry erase marker on that too!

Have fun!