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Harry Potter documents gift

sure what I should give to my twin fI thought I'd get creative and make somethieptance letter. After I got that idea and started Googling, the whole project grew into more than just the letter. I decided to make the Hogwarts acceptance letter and the envelope to go with it, an Ordinary Wizarding Level results letter, a deposit slip for a checking account (vault) at Gringott's, an Undesireable No. 1 poster, a letter from the owl postmaster, a few origami envelopes, and a Hogwarts diploma.

First off, here is a list of the fonts I downloaded for this project and the links where you can find them:

Aquiline (harrypotterfanzone) or Aquiline Two (dafont)
Colwell (dafont)
Fortunaschwein (dafont)
Hogwartswizard (fonts2u)
Jane Austen (dafont)
Lumos (dafont)
Nathan Condensed (dafont)
Olho_de_boi (dafont)
Parseltongue (dafont)
Zenda (dafont)

The rest of the fonts were already in Microsoft Word/Publisher.

To upload a font to your computer for use (using Windows), here is a list of steps:

  1. Download (save) a font from a font site (ex: and save to whatever location you prefer (I usually download them to the desktop to begin with so that I don't have to scroll through all the already-existing fonts to find it).
  2. The font folder on your computer will be a zip file--to unzip it, right click on it and choose "extract all"
  3. A new folder should appear that is unzipped--trash the zipped file (you won't be needing it).
  4. Go to Control Panel >> Appearance & Personalization >> Fonts (or simply Control Panel and type font into the search bar).
  5. Right-click on the blank/empty/white space in the window where you do not select an already-existing font, and click on Install New Font...
  6. A small "Add Fonts" window should pop up. In the boxes where you find the location of your font.  Follow the various folders to find the location of your font, double-clicking all the way. My computer usually has it pre-set to show the hard drive (c:) but the folder is not usually in the location I desire. In order to get back to my desktop, I double-click on the c:\ in the Folder window >> scroll down and double-click users >> double-click on April (my desktop) >> and then desktop (where the new font's folder is).
  7. Double-click on the folder of the font you want to install in the Folders window. Sometimes when you download a new font, you can elect to download others that are "alternate" or "condensed" or "expanded" etc... of the same font. Simply choose which font you want to install in the "List of Fonts" box. You'll be able to see which font it is by a sample sentence they show below. You can install more than one version of the same font at a time, but you can't install multiple separate fonts (folders) at once.
  8. After you select the font you want, click the Install button. Voila! Font is installed and you should see it show up in Microsoft Word. You can now move the new font's folder to the location of the rest of the fonts if you haven't already, but don't delete it. 
Just FYI, installing and using a new font on your computer will not transfer to another computer unless you install it on their computer as well. I did all this work on my laptop, transferred all documents and new font folders to my USB, then copied it all onto my husband's computer to print. I had to install the new fonts onto his computer before they would show up in my documents.
However, a year and a half after I made this it occurred to me that you can make these on one computer and save it as a PDF, then print it on a different computer. It won't be editable, but that way you won't need to put a bunch of new fonts on another computer in order for it to work!

For the whole project I used cardstock paper from Michael's since I couldn't find real parchment. I had two different colors but the photos make it look even worse because of flash/non-flash/night/day. I tore off the straight edges of the paper to give it a more authentic look. 

I searched the internet for the different crests and seals and I think I found all of them on Harry Potter Wiki (click here  for the Hogwarts crest and house crests). I will post the links to the crests and crests as photos too. I don't know if there is any copyright infringement involved in this--I assumed if there was, they wouldn't make it so easy to "right-click-and-save" these little pictures.

Exhibit A: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Acceptance Letter

I did a little research on the internet to see how others have formatted this letter. The text, itself, is from the first book. To make the envelope look "sealed," I used an a plastic Hogwarts seal/sticker that I had saved from the scrapbook I had made for our trip to Harry Potter World last year. If you don't have one, I've seen a lot of tutorials online about making your own by melting crayons or getting a kit.
I think I got McGonagall's signature from this Harry Potter wiki page, but there are a lot of places on the internet to find it and save it if that one doesn't work for you--all you need to do is Google "Minerva McGonagall signature."
I've blocked out my sister's last name in all of the photos.

The font for the envelope is Lumos.
The font for the acceptance letter is Nathan Condensed.
The font for the "written" student's name is Aquiline.

Envelope Crest

This is the scroll I used as a separator.

Exhibit B: School Supplies List

The font for the school supplies list is Nathan Condensed.

Exhibit C: Owl Postmaster Letter

I borrowed the idea from this person because I thought it was cute. I didn't have an owl (stuffed or otherwise) (and I'm evidently not talented enough to fold an origami owl), so I thought it'd be funny to make an excuse for the lack of owl. It's a letter from the Owl Postmaster, whose name and signature I fabricated.
Go here for a list of seal designs for different departments of the Ministry of Magic.
Here is the link to the Owl Post seal.

The font for the Owl Post letter is Fortunaschwein.
The font for the Postmater's signature is Jane Austen.


For the Owl Post letter, I thought it would be nice to make an official envelope since it was from the Postmaster and, by extension, the Minister for Magic. I found an easy origami envelope online that I made out of more cardstock, and the instructions are on this blog.

Exhibit D: Gringotts Deposit Slip

I got this idea while searching for Harry Potter documents (this seller on Etsy sells a whole set including a "bank book" and deposit slips). It's supposed to show a deposit of a certain amount of wizard money into a vault. On the back I wrote the warning that is posted when you walk into Gringotts, and thought a goblin would probably have to approve the deposit so I made up a goblin name (Gapnug Kugrat) and created a signature for it with another font. I got the Gringotts crest and the corner logo from HP wiki (here).

The font for the Gringotts Check is Blackadder ITC in Microsoft.
The font for the "handwritten" part of the check is Freestyle Script in Microsoft.
The font on the back of the check (the warning) is Parseltongue.
The font for "Approving Goblin" is Nathan Condensed.
The font for Gapnug Kugrat's signature is Olho de boi.


Exhibit E: Ordinary Wizarding Level Exam Results

Who doesn't love the scene where Hermione has a black eye and makes her owl tremble as she gets her OWL exam results? I made up the grades for my sister according to what I suspect she would achieve.

The fonts for the OWL Results are Nathan Condensed, Papyrus (in Microsoft), and Poor Richard (in Microsoft). 

Since I didn't have a seal with real wax and I had already used the scrapbooking plastic one, and I didn't want to roll it up like a scroll (how I'd imagine it was attached to the owl's leg in the book), so I decided to fold the paper iteself into an envelope. I found the instructions for this one online as well, but they are missing a step and not that great so I will post my own instructions and put a link in here for it. I liked this origami envelope because it reminded me of an owl's beak. The crest is a rub-on decal that you can get for scrapbooking.

Exhibit F: Undesireable No. 1 Poster

Warner Brothers created this program on their site so you can make your own "wanted" poster. All you have to do is upload a photo and they make you Undesireable Number One! It's not the best picture, but It's hard finding a straight-forward shot that is the right size because they don't let you zoom in or out or crop it when you upload it.
The link is here, and you can skip the video that plays automatically if you want.

Update: When I made this they had the program to make your own poster, but I'm not sure if you can make it anymore on their website. It probably wouldn't be *too* difficult to make your own though with some creativity!

Exhibit G: Hogwarts School Diploma

This was my favorite one to make. Here is the wiki link to the crests of Hogwarts and the houses again. (By the way, I "faded" the large Hogwarts crest in the background on Photobucket to make it look like a sort of watermark). I did a lot of research (Googling) for this one since I'm not all that creative and tons of people have made plenty of versions of the diplomas already. It was mostly inspired (copied) by this diploma on's amazing what someone can print at home and sell online--and people buy it! She sells these for $12, plus $3 shipping. The shipping price, at least, is honest according to my calculations (from Seattle to Miami in a large envelope at 12oz). Assuming the piece of cardstock cost 59 cents (which is what I paid for it because I bought just a dozen pages from the open stock. If a value pack was bought, it comes out to about 14 cents per page IF the 50-page pack was a whole $7, which is a gross overestimate for most regular cardstock + coupons), and the ink to print the page would cost, say....the rest of that dollar (so, 41 cents--another overestimate)....that comes out to a 91.67% Gross Profit Margin with 1,100% markup (I know I'm pathetic for working this out). Must be nice to sell to suckers. Instead, I suppose I ripped off this person's idea and made my own for a dollar instead of shelling out $15 to order one. And mine is better anyway.

I got the Albus Dumbledore signature here, McGonagall's is linked in Exhibit A, and I made up the Kingsley Shacklebolt signature with a font. I know Dumbledore wasn't alive by the time Kingsley became Minister for Magic, but I wanted the best of both worlds so I did it anyway!

The fonts used for the diploma are Zenda, Fortunaschwein, Vivaldi (Microsoft), Old English Text MT (Microsoft), Jane Austen for Kingsley's signature, and Papyrus (Microsoft).

I faded the Hogwarts crest for the background of the diploma.

***On the diploma, the last line of the paragraph includes the date June 15, 2011 and you'll need to change this if you want to be a current date!***

I think that's everything that is needed to remake these documents.

If you leave a comment or send me an email, I can send blank copies of these documents through email so you wouldn't need to put them together yourself. Blogger doesn't have a function that would allow me to upload the documents and post them on here.
I have versions of the documents in both Microsoft Word and Publisher (I prefer Publisher but not everyone has it). I would hope that they would stay intact through email without any of the formatting getting messed up, but you would need to make sure that you have all of the fonts downloaded and installed for it to work! Otherwise, you could always use other fonts of your choosing. No guarantees, but we can always give it a try!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Update 5/26/2014: Because it's been two years and I'm still receiving requests from people to send them my documents (which I gladly do!), I've decided to open a account so that the public can freely access it and download the documents from there instead of having to play email-tag with me. 

1. Go to
2. Sign in with this email:
3. Use this password: ExpectoPatronum
4. Read the Disclaimer
5. Download the documents you want and follow my instructions on this blog!