Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kitchen is put back together!

....well, it's mostly put back together anyway. We still have to do the cupboards so half of the cabinets don't have doors right now. I'll post more pics when that whole project is done, which won't be for a while.
We painted the walls red and the ceiling and door frames a creamy white. The two doors themselves in the photos will hopefully end up the same color the cabinets will be eventually. We replaced the ugly flush-mounted light above the sink with a pendant light, and replaced the bright rectangular fluorescent light with a track light (which, by the way, was a huge PITA to install). The track light doesn't give off as much light as we expected so we are considering another light to go above the refrigerator on the wall where there is some empty space.

Overall, I think the kitchen feels warmer and more romantic. The dimmer light was severely annoying at first but we are getting used to it as time goes on. We both love the color and I think it works well with the rest of the kitchen. The "chocolate" color we are painting the cabinets will make it even better, I hope.

Some before pictures...

...and some after pictures.

The hallway--not much to look at. The doors will be the same color brown of the cabinets eventually.

The pain-in-the-butt track light