Monday, March 5, 2012

Kitchen update: ceiling's next!

Apparently, you're supposed to paint your ceilings first. This makes complete sense since you'll be able to repair and paint over anything that drips on your walls. We didn't know we'd want to paint our ceiling until we were half way through our walls, so we're doing it in the wrong order. Oh well! We are also replacing most of the floor moulding around the kitchen. There isn't very much and the moulding itself is super cheap, so that part is mercifully easy. Supposedly the trim is already primed when you buy it, but I didn't trust it so I primed it and I put one coat of the white paint on it as well--the same color we will be using for the ceiling--Behr's creamy white "Innocence."

I used Delicate Surfaces 1.5" Painter's Tape with Edge Lock on the walls and I'm hoping and praying it doesn't take the red paint off. It's not supposed to, but it did in one place already where I had to readjust the tape when I was putting it on! Ack! You're supposed to be able to put it on at least 24 hours after you paint, and it had been at least 2 or 3 days since we painted our walls so theoretically it should be fine. We'll see. We are going to primer the ceiling tonight when Andy gets home from work, and hopefully paint tonight as well. It will hopefully only need one coat, and then I can take the painter's tape off tonight. I think the less amount of time it's on there the better. Wish us luck! I'm worried about dripping primer on the walls since it's so much more runny than the paint, but I guess we'll have to try to be extra careful since we ran out of plastic (it's covering the floors now).

This is where we took down the big rectangular fluorescent light. We repaired the ceiling a bit and will paint over it before putting up our new light fixture. Hopefully the primer will take care of the differences in color. Since we took that bright light down we've had to bring in lamps from other rooms for some light. It's amazing how dark that room can be!

We installed a new pendant light above our sink, replacing the outdated flush mounted light we had before. It looks nicer, but man was it a pain in the rear-end to install.We are going to take those ugly shades down, sand, and repaint the windowsill. We are also going to repaint the door frames in the kitchen, and hopefully the doors will be treated in the same brown color the cabinets will be have. 

I also wonder if we'll ever get our dining room table back!