Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project Runway All Stars 3/1

Wow, what an interesting episode! I'm glad it wasn't something completely ridiculous and outside of the realms of fashion and something the designers might actually do someday. I could see them using this experience in costume making for movies or for clients that go to events at clubs. At least that's how I justify it....I just could never justify things like the contestants making clothing out of birdseed.

First off, what does "avant-garde" actually mean? It took me a few seasons of PR to figure this one out. Here's what says:


  [uh-vahnt-gahrd, uh-vant-, av-ahnt-, ah-vahnt-; Fr. a-vahn-gard]  Show IPA
the advance group in any field, especially in the visual,literary, or musical arts, whose works are characterizedchiefly by unorthodox and experimental methods.
of or pertaining to the experimental treatment of artistic,musical, or literary material.
belonging to the avant-garde: an avant-garde composer.
unorthodox or daring; radical. 

So usually what I come to expect from avant-garde is something that is pretty "out there." An outfit that isn't made to be worn, but rather made to be seen. I like these types of challenges because I think they're more fun when everyone's not so concerned with how practical something looks, but instead is it weird enough? It seems like the only person concerned with practicality is Joanna Coles anyway who is utterly obsessed about wearing a bra. I can't help but feel for the types of gowns and other outfits that these designers make, the clientele isn't entirely concerned about boob support. I understand her concern, especially for aging women and not everyone is a model with a flat chest, but still....she's gotta get over it already. It's a fashion competition. Fashion is not concerned with underwear.

Austin can usually make something pretty wild. His was something different, but somehow I expected more. It's good he didn't want to use neon like everybody else. I just think he could've made the skirt and the lights more fancy, like one of the judges said, the lights might've been cool under the tulle. And it looks like there isn't a whole lot of lights on the skirt but maybe he didn't want to overdo it. On an unrelated note, I wonder why his mom had to foreclose on her house at all. Austin can't be poor--he's gotten way too much publicity and probably has plenty of work to do, not to mention he had a show for a season "On The Road With Austin And Santino."  Why didn't he help her out? Has he really been that irresponsible with money? So he's promising to not fail her now after her house is already foreclosed? Didn't anyone else wonder about this? It's sad, and I guess I'm just nosey.

I was surprised Jerell went home for this piece. It wasn't a bad piece but I guess we're getting to the point in the show where the judges are getting picky. I liked his a lot more than Kenly's though! It would've looked awesome if he didn't put that long skirt underneath and I don't think anyone can really figure out why he did that. Couldn't he tell that it looked weird? Why didn't he tried it with it and without to see what would look better? I really liked his skirt and top though, even if the rest of it was too joke shop-looking.

I thought Kenley's looked stupid but everybody loved it. Yes, the making-your-own-plaid-with-the-taped-stripes was a good idea. But I hated the cage "jacket" she made to go on top and you could barely see the fairy lights with it anyway. Take that "jacket" away and you've got every dress she's made this season. I think the hair went with her look at least. Maybe my disgust for Kenly greatly influences my opinions of whatever she makes, but I just really didn't like her outfit compared to everyone else's, and it's all because of that cage.

I thought Michael's was kind of weak. I wonder what made him totally go themed-out with the samurai motif. I think the only thing that saved him were his shoulder lights, otherwise it's just a regular outfit with some neon tape and a black light. Well I guess if Kenley can get away with a [mostly] regular outfit with neon tape then I guess he can too...

...And apparently so can Mondo. I was disappointed in this. He held back for last week's Jamaica challenge, and this week it seemed like he could've let loose a lot but didn't take advantage of it. It was a little interesting how he made the back a different color from the front (*shrug*)....but I just can't get past the cone boobs. And I was annoyed that the TV kept showing how Mondo's lights weren't working and he couldn't get them to work blah blah they showed him worrying about that like six times, and in the end they worked anyway. I liked his headpiece, but I just wasn't impressed this week. Even if you didn't know he had a hard time with the challenge, you could tell just from the dress that he struggled with it.

Overall, I guess I liked Austin's and Jerell's the most, and it bothers me that Jerell got sent home for it. I already know they can't send home Mondo, and probably not Michael. I wish they would've hated Kenley's like I hated it. Instead, they liked the cage and the fact she did the same old dress underneath it (which the cage hid) didn't count against her since she was in the top rather than the bottom. Annoying. I'm going to be even more annoyed when she gets to be in the top three when the opportunity should go to the three boys.

I can't wait for this week's episode to see who gets the boot!