Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Runway All Stars 3/22 Finale!

Did I call it or what! I totally did! Mondo deserved it from the beginning of his original season, let alone the All Stars. I did genuinely like his collection the best, so I'm not just being loyal to Mondo for the sake of it. I really enjoyed his collection! I actually really liked Michael's collection too. There are so many ways that "Safari" could be overdone, but I didn't think it was over the top at all. I thought the safari theme was more subtle than outrageous and costume-y. Austin's, however, was what I've come to expect from him--more for costumes on Broadway or outlandish outfits for stars who really want to draw attention to themselves. Entertaining, but like one of the judges said, I didn't see the connection between the pieces very much (though looking at it a second time, I think I can see the connection better). Overall, the designers made it very easy for me to pick out first, second, and third place for my opinion. I was surprised that Michael got 3rd place, but whatever I guess....the winner was who I wanted it to be and that's what matters most (to me!).

"Austin Scarlet" by Austin Scarlet. Yep. 

Once again, I have no idea what Austin was thinking. I can't help but feel that sometimes he really likes to try things that accentuate (or completely fabricate) wide hips--and what chick wants that? And with that hair it was just...icky. I've never liked hair pulled pulled back with big curls coming down because it reminds me of the Jewish Payot (is that mean?).

I sort of liked this dress, except for the ridiculous thing he just had to put in on the side to make it different and fashionable (I suppose?). To me it looked like it was designed for guys to get a peek under a girl's skirt without all the effort--that was just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it. Otherwise I think the cut and pattern were fairly nice. I wasn't a big fan of the babydoll-like hair and makeup. It kind of reminds me of Kirsten Dunst's hair in Interview with a Vampire.

This wasn't a bad look--I kind of liked it. It made her look tall (she probably already was tall), but very slimming if you can pull it off (if you can wear it, you're already slim). At least the black part doesn't flare out and make her look like she's pregnant (empire waists are pure evil). The top and the shoulder caps were cute. I'm just not a fan of leather-like material, and...

I have no clue what he was getting at when he put some pink tulle peeking out the back from under her skirt!

What the hell is that? It looks like she forgot some toilet paper while she was wiping back there...and it's pink, so no go dude. Austin needs to know when to stop trying to add things to his outfits to make them different, because sometimes he just goes out in space when it comes to doing the wrong kind of different

I mostly liked this dress. It was very Austin-y in that it was very different. I think he could have the bottom flare part detach and it could be two-dresses-in-one, which would be pretty neat. I liked the fabric pattern and color. It just looks like a bitch to walk around in, and I wonder how you go to the bathroom with it on.

This pieces was scary. Next time I want a leather leotard, I guess I know who to call. It kind of makes me imagine what the people from the Matrix would wear on a night out....or to the gym. It's just gross. And the heels with the short pant legs, and the just makes me cringe all together.

I very much enjoyed Austin's wedding dress. I've seen far too many wedding dresses since I was just married last year, and this one is awesome. I would've loved to wear that for my wedding--sweetheart neckline,'s just beautiful. I don't know if I could've really pulled it off, but it would've been great to try! Bea-u-ti-ful. 

"Therapy" by Mondo Guerra

Mondo is always such a genius. For a while I thought he wasn't going to come up with anything, but Michael was right...he really does pull out his best work when he gets so stressed out like that! And one of the judges was completely correct when she said that he is a master at mixing fabrics and ideas.
The hair was great, but the skirt was a little short. However, with the leggings I don't think it matters that much. The top reminded me of Kenley though, so I didn't like it as much as I should...but I really liked the sleeve length and cuffs.

A fun simple dress that could be worn to do just about anything. I could see a girl wearing this while out clubbing or shopping...though a little short for the workplace. But still cute and different and very Mondo.

Another good outfit for the same things I just listed above. I liked this one because of how light-weight and flowy it is, and not so figure-fitting. He did a great job working with what he was given here as his traditional "Project Runway twist" piece.

I loved the top and the jacket and the sleeves, and everybody seemed to like the pants except for the oversized pockets. I have a major pet peeve about pants that are have such huge pant legs that they swallow my feet, and that's exactly what these pants did so I didn't really like them very much. Not to mention there are no pockets on the back, which is another pet peeve of mine because it seems to make your butt look bigger that way. I guess a model's ass can only look so big though. At least the tailoring was good, and the jacket with the shirt was excellent.

WICKED! I thought this dress was absolutely amazing. It's his collection in a nutshell, and he played it so well! The neckline, the sleeves, the back, the length, and even the shoes were all just perfect. Only Mondo could turn ink blots into fashion!

This gown was incredible as well, but I just didn't see a whole lot of connection with the rest of collection. Besides that, it's beautiful and stylish. I didn't really understand the crystal ball that she was carrying along as an accessory, but that doesn't really matter. The design of the dress is astonishingly beautiful. I love the neckline and shoulders, the belt, and the slit in the dress are just fantastic. The hair didn't really go that well with the dress since, like I said, it doesn't really seem to go with the rest of the collection...but that was the only instance of that problem I think out of all 6 of his pieces. Fabulous!

"Serengeti" by Michael Costello
Kudos to Michael for not doing all evening wear!

Like I said in the beginning, I really enjoyed Michael's collection because it wasn't totally overdone. You could look at it, think "Serengeti," and not get cross-eyed from cheetah prints.
This jumpsuit looked very relaxed and easy going. The accessorizing he did with the necklaces was a bit much, but I loved how he let the hair hang loose. It was gorgeous, like a beautiful Jane of the Jungle, especially from the back...

Sexy with the long hair. I wonder if it'd look as good with short hair or her hair done up. 

This was the zebra print fabric that didn't quite look like zebra print. The design is fun and the sewing was good as well, especially around the bust.
I don't really know why you'd couple a vest with it, but Joanna said she liked the layering.

I really liked this outfit--I could see this being worn anywhere near a beach, though I'm not sure the fabric is really as light as it seems. It's the most animal-like print that he worked with, but it works because it's not as stark as black and white, but more like black on lighter black. A very cute outfit.

This neat print seemed like a mix of animal prints and colors all in one. I was happy that he used it to create this ultra-cute outfit with a loose top and shorts (and flat sandals!) instead of making a draping gown out of it. It's perfect! The model looks amazing in it, but her hair seems like it would be too big and hot to wear down like that (I know he was going for a "natural" look), but I bet you could wear this outfit with your hair up and work it just as well.

This is another use of the almost-zebra print. I think I would've liked it better if it had been a skirt on the bottom rather than pants, or maybe a different kind of pant leg because they were a lot like Mondo's pants that just swallow up your feet. It's still a charming outfit though--fun and light.

Michael wouldn't be able to make it through without at least one draped dress. But why not? That's what he's really good at! And collections need a dress at the end anyway. This piece didn't really fit in to the rest of the collection to me, and I think he could've done better but probably didn't have the time, not to mention this is his "twist" sixth piece, so he had to use old materials anyway. It wasn't terrible for having to think on-the-spot at least. 

I wonder why the designers didn't walk out with their collections at the end like they normally do? I think Michael has come a long way since he was last on PR, and Mondo's grown a bit too even though he's always been so talented. I think Austin is about the same caliber he was before though. 
It probably looks like I praised Michael's more than Mondo's, which could be true. They're both fantastic, but very different perspectives and aims. Mondo's seems to be more about fashion-y fashion whereas Michael's is more casual (and as a judge said with disdain, "commercial"?). I don't know what is negative about making an actual marketable collection, but judges are always snobs about one thing and then praise the same thing somewhere else. At any rate, I've always been rooting for Mondo in both of the seasons they were in, and you already know that. I loved their collections. And Mondo has finally gotten his due. I wonder where wretched Gretchen is....probably too high and mighty to bother herself with Mondo's redemption. Good riddance! Her potato sack granola clothing was gross anyway!
Mondo Rules!
Michael Rocks!
And Austin....well, he's something alright!