Saturday, March 3, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I love wreaths. I have three or four Christmas wreaths, a Thanksgiving wreath, a Valentine's Day wreath, and today I made a simple St. Patrick's Day wreath just for the heck of it. We were actually at Joann Fabric's looking for something else when I got the idea to make one because I saw the holiday stuff on clearance. Apparently at least two weeks before the holiday they start clearing out the merchandise!

I bought a 12" foam craft ring and a wreath frame as well, not totally sure which I'd use yet and I figured I'd use both eventually anyway. I only used the foam ring, so I'll probably use the frame for an Easter wreath if I get the chance to make one. I also got two kinds of ribbon and a sequined green bow.

First I wrapped the foam ring with the shamrock ribbon and kept the ribbon in place using straight long pins, then I cut the ribbon. I had to unwind the ribbon so I could glue it while wrapping it the second time. I still used the pins even while gluing just to keep it in place while the glue hardened.

I used a hot glue gun which probably wasn't the greatest idea but I didn't have anything else. I'll probably get some regular craft glue while at Michael's on Tuesday for some other projects I have in mind, but I'm not sure craft glue would've dried fast enough for what I wanted to do with the wreath anyway. It was tricky because the hot glue seeps through the ribbon so I used a paint stick to press it down for a few moments after I put it on--it saved my fingers from getting burned.
I couldn't decide what to do with the leprechaun hat ribbon without overdoing it on the wreath. I thought another bow would look nice but I couldn't figure out how to make one. The one you see in the pictures is actually made out of nine separate pieces of ribbon that I glued together! I'm just not talented enough to fold my own bow and make it look nice enough to show people, so I did it a different way...which was either easier or harder, depending on who you are.

I used some regular green Christmas ribbon to make the hanger. I cut five pieces of it and glued them onto the wreath to make a loop. Easy peasy.

I hope you like it! I like the simplicity of it.