Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avocado & Crab Pizza

I know, it sounds weird. At first it was weird. But the more bites I took, the more I liked it. I saw recipes for this two ways--one with red sauce, and one with pesto. I made it with red since pesto is hard to come by around here (or, rather, basil is extremely rare and I don't buy the jarred stuff). I recommend this pizza if you'd like to try something different for a change!
I've posted the recipes for my pizza dough and red sauce.

While searching for avocado recipes I came across the intriguing idea of putting it on pizza, and with crab at that! There are a couple different recipes out there but I didn't really follow them. 

Avocado & Crab Pizza

1 pizza dough crust
1 can of crab (or fresh if you're lucky!)
1 avocado
a few tablespoons of red sauce
handful (or two, or three) of shredded cheese 
olive oil
garlic powder

  1. Make the dough. While it's rising, preheat your pizza stone to 425 degrees for an hour. 
  2. Dice the avocado.
  3. Open and drain the can of crab, and fluff with a fork
  4. Spray or spread olive oil on pizza crust and sprinkle outside ring with garlic powder.
  5. Top pizza dough with a thin layer of red sauce. I would've liked a little bit more than this (see photo), but not too much more. For my Italian pizzas I usually load it up because I love sauce!
  6. Top pizza with cheese. I used Mozzarella and Colby-Jack. 
  7. Top with diced avocados and sprinkle with crab. I used a whole avocado and not quite the whole can of crab. 
  8. Slide onto pizza stone and bake at 425 for 12-13 minutes.