Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decoupage TV tray

After painting The Orphaned Chair, I went around the house in a frenzy to find something else to paint. We've always had these old, sad TV trays that Andy got from who-knows-where, and they've always been used as end tables next to our couch for lack of better furniture. I thought my trusty blue paint would be some sort of improvement for them compared to their current state, and I always have wanted to Mod Podge something like a table since I found the idea on, why not?

I cleaned the table, primed it, then I painted it. I chose a bunch of photos, spread a layer of Mod Podge on the table, stuck the photos on, and spread another layer of Mod Podge on top. I did a few layers of this with dry time in between. It turned out pretty neat!

I didn't really take many pictures for this, but here's a photo of what the table looked like before and after. We have 4 of these things!


At least it's something more interesting to look at than a forlorn fake painting. After I did the first one I decided to do a second so that it'd match on either side of the couch. It makes our livingroom just slightly more interesting, what with The Orphaned Chair and the magazine rack I did too (you'll see below). 

For the second tray, instead of photos I used cut-outs of scrap book paper and leftover scraps of fabric from my Snazzy Makeup Brushes project. 

Like I said up above, I went on a frenzy painting shit and one of the things I grabbed was the wood magazine rack that I use to hold my piano music and some other things for my keyboard.

Here's the before:

I lightly sanded it and then primed it even though it probably didn't need it. Then I painted it. I wish I had had spray paint--it was a pain painting all those little rods, knobs, and other shapes. Oh well! Live and learn. I neglected to take a good after picture and now it's dark out so I won't even bother, but here's a photo of my keyboard area with my new chair and the magazine rack holding my music, sustain pedal, and headphones. 

Not too shabby! It was fun painting all this stuff. I need to buy some different colored paint now though--not sure how much more of this blue this house can handle!

Have fun!