Friday, April 20, 2012

Snazzy makeup brushes!

I came across this idea on Pinterest. Lovely Pinterest.
I love to make things pretty and fun. Through Pinterest the idea came from Lemon Jitters. It's so easy and cute and Lemon Jitters suggests using the idea for gift-giving.

The tutorial says that you can use fabric or paper. I tried scrapbooking paper at first and it was giving me a hard time because of how stiff it was, so I just decided to use the leftover fabric I had from making my Orphaned Chair. I did deviate from Lemon Jitters's instructions so if you'd like to see another way of doing it please visit her DIY Glam Makeup Brushes post.

{By the way: sorry if the photos are poor quality. The photos stunk with the flash and I don't have the steadiest hand when there isn't a flash! I need a new camera.....}

You start by separating the brush head from the handle of the brush, if you can--two of my brushes wouldn't separate and if I had tugged or wrenched them much harder I was afraid they'd break. It wasn't a big deal anyway and you don't need to separate them at all.

I cut strips of fabric that were the general width needed to go around the brush handle. Then I put dots of Tacky Glue along the fabric where it would go on the handle.

I placed the edge with the glue along the length of the handle and began to roll it up like a cigar. I had to adjust it since the handle doesn't have a constant width along its length--so the fabric sort of spirals down it.

Here's what it looks like getting wrapped up

You can see the spiral-ness of the fabric around the handle pretty well in this photo

Next wanted to fold over the end of the fabric over the tip of the brush handle, but I didn't want the bottom edge peeking out from underneath the fold...if you get that. So I cut a notch out of the inner side before I folded it over.

I dabbed some tacky glue onto the edge of the fabric and folded it over, holding it there for a moment to get it to stick.

Here is what the end of the bigger fat brush looks like after it's done

And some more pictures of the end of a brush, just so you can see how  they turn out doing them this way rather than like Lemon Jitters's tutorial.

After this step, I coated it all with two layers of Mod Podge. I got my cookie cooling rack out and was able to stand them up rather than let them dry flat, otherwise a whole edge would be touching the table (or the craft paper on my table). 

Voila! Snazzy makeup brushes!

I had a lot of fun making these. Now I keep looking around my house trying to think of what else I could decoupage with scraps of my pretty fabric...hmm....

In fact, I did find something! We can never find our meat thermometer in our drawer because we have other plastic black utensils in there and it's so small it gets lost easily. Now we'll be able to find it in a jiffy! I know, it's a sorry looking thermometer but it still works!

You should give this idea a try! It's amusing and easy!