Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween Wreaths

I just love a good day of shopping with Micael's coupons! I had a coupone for 20% of my entire purchase--including sale items--and also a coupon for 40% off any one regularly-priced item. I've been wanting to make a Halloween wreath for a long time, and today I made two!

But my first order of business was to improve upon the awesome witch's had I got a Pier 1 a few weeks ago. I wanted a witch's had last year but never got around to buying one, but this year I decided to take the plunge so that I'll have something to wear for the trick-or-treaters.

Here's the hat beforehand:

And here's a closer pic of the little detail in front, which is actually a little spider.

Cute, right? I bought some spiders and a cool skull and added them to the hat just to give it a little extra fun "oomph." The after photo:

And, happily, the hat is of enough good quality that the brim is thick and stiff enough to not flop down. The skull was only styrofoam anyway (actually it was a "pick" for flower arrangements or something), so it's very lightweight and not too lopsided-feeling when I wear it. fun!

Next up....the first Halloween wreath.

I got this grapevine wreath at Target for $2.50.

It's resting on my cookbook holder (which, coincidentally, I also got from Target at some point in the past). It was the perfect wreath holder!
I used the rest of the spiders I had gotten for my witch's hat (I think they were $2.50 for a 6-pack). I loved the bow the minute I saw it, and the styrofoam skull and small vulture were just awesomeness that all looked so fantastic together.

Lastly, I got this shiny black wreath from Michael's.

I got a few more "picks"--bats and springy pipe-cleaners with a spider, as well as three skulls. All together, the sparkly orange-and-black wreath turned out pretty fun!

My wall looks pretty orangey in this photo, but it's actually dark red!


All in all, the supplies for this project (everything except the witch's hat itself) only cost me around $20: the grapevine wreath was only $2.50 at Target, the Halloween "picks" at Michael's were 50% off, the vulture was 50% off, and I bought everything there using a 20%-off-your-entire-order coupon (included sale items!). I was able to use a second coupon to get 40% off one regularly-priced item--the black wreath, which was the most expensive item not on sale--and it was only 5 or 6 dollars to begin with! So the only item I paid full-price on was the grapevine wreath! I had lots of frugal crafty fun with my hot glue gun tonight!

Hope these inspire you to make some of your own!