Sunday, December 9, 2012

Canvas-Covered Cork Board

In the move between Nevada and Montana, I found a HUGE piece of canvas leftover from something of Andy's. It had a zipper down one side--might've been a mattress cover or big tent bag  or something like that at one point. I didn't care, it was mine now!

So what could I do with canvas? I had tons of ideas! I did want to make a fabric-covered cork board for my future craft room, so why not? I got to work!

I'm not quite sure where I got my ideas from. I knew I wanted to dye the fabric, and I've always wanted to use nailhead trim for something, and I wanted to try stencil painting too. So I figured out a way to do it all!

I thought I wanted the color of the canvas to be fun, but not pink or yellow. I liked green but couldn't decide on any one color. Then one day I came upon a clearance table at the supermarket and there were a few colors of Rit dye on the table. I picked up Kelly Green and Turquoise since I couldn't decide between the two on the spot, and they were only like a buck each anyway. One was granular and the other was liquid in a bottle. In the end I just threw my hands up and decided to heck with it, I can't decide so I'm going to mix them! So I eyeballed the amounts with hot water and some salt in a 5-gallon bucket, and I carefully sunk my piece of canvas in the dark greenish-blue water. I thought it came out as a great mixture between the two!

So I got my supplies together: Canvas, nailhead, corkboard (on sale at Michael's), staple gun, hammer.

You can see how much more canvas I have even after this project, in the upper-right corner of the above photo.

I ironed the canvas before I started the project. Then the first order of business was to staple the canvas onto the cork board.

After I had stapled the canvas to the board, it was a lot tighter than I intended since i still had to put in the nailhead trim. It would have been better to leave the canvas a little looser so that the nailhead could hold into the board better, but I wasn't about the tear out my neat work right away so I just went with it. 

The nailhead trim went in easily, but it didn't hold that well. Some of the "nails" aren't actually stuck into the cork because the canvas was pulled to tight, just like I feared, but it still looks like it's in there and that's good enough for me.

Next up was painting a stencil design onto it. This could've also been done beforehand and made neater, but I wanted to make sure it was all inside the nailhead trim so I did it afterward. It wasn't much more difficult to accomplish.

I found two shelves of Martha Stewart glitter paints at Home Depot that were on clearance so I grabbed a bunch of different colors, including this Citrus Green one. When I got home I couldn't decide whether or not to try the green or another color, like gold or champagne. In the end, after reading on the container that it turns out better with a similar color in the background, I decided to go with the green glitter paint.

I got the stencil from Michaels out of the clearance bin in front of the store. I'm such a clearance girl! I could see why it was so cheap though--it was difficult to work with because it was two separate pieces. I had to paint one, then let it dry so I could overlay the second piece that had more "holes" in between the previous painted ones. I hope that makes sense!

I had to do the stencil in different sections for each page of the stencil since the plastic page had to overlap so it would line up correctly to continue the stencil. Plus I was standing/bending/leaning over the table while doing this and it was killing my back, so all in all the stenciling took a couple of days to finish!

I bought 5 colors of glitter paints from Home Depot at 4 bucks each, originally costing something high like $10 or $12. 
Finally, the finished product, with some outdoor pictures to see it better:

I'm going to love the piece in my new craft room. I'll use it to pin up photos, cut outs, and paint chips for inspiration. Someday I'll have an awesome & color craft room!