Sunday, December 2, 2012

Got Bulbs?

Christmas bulbs, that is. And a picture frame and ribbon? Then you've got a fun little craft project!

This is a fun one because there are so many combinations you could do with picture frame shapes, ribbon styles, and crazy amounts of ornaments you find these days. You could make tons of these with all different kinds of themes!

Some people make these in the place of Christmas wreaths. I first got the idea on almighty Pinterest, with inspiration from these two:

You know those plastic zipper bags that bed sets come in sometimes? I found a bag just like that FULL of Christmas bulbs a few months ago at a thrift shop for only two dollars! So I thought a few of the coolest bulbs in the bunch would be good to use for this project. All I did was tie ribbon on them and then taped the ribbon to the back of the frame. I could have hot glued it but I decided if the tape holds well enough that I might as well keep it that way so that it's less permanent. This way I can change the bulbs anytime I want.

I also had a really old large picture frame that my husband inherited with an old piece of art, and since the art couldn't even sit in the frame anymore I decided to put it to use instead of keep it in storage. The frame was chipped in a lot of places, and at the same time I knew I couldn't make an awesome bow at the top like the first picture, so I just decided to wrap the frame in some ribbon. Problem solved!

I think it really cheers up the room! I haven't decided if I want to paint the frame or not, or what color to do. I thought it looked fine with the old gold color anyway and the ribbon wrapped around it.

Sorry the picture is kind of grainy. My camera is old and needs replaced, plus I couldn't use the flash and get a good photo of it!