Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fish Tacos!

With homemade pico de gallo and spicy fiesta sauce.
The sauce is originally from Applebee's Fiesta Lime Chicken and I got the recipe from America's Most Wanted Recipes.

If you can't read it and you'd like the whole recipe for Fiesta Lime Chicken, I can send it to you or type it out at the bottom of the post if someone requests it!

The first order of business was to make the Pico de Gallo. I just made the recipe off the top of my head since I already knew what ingredients to use, but I searched for a recipe after and found out what I did was almost exactly like this recipe here. Ingredients: onion, tomatoes, jalepeno, lime juice, and you can add avocado too but I didn't have any on hand and forgot to grab one at the store.

I use my nifty Vidalia Chop Wizard to quickly chop up all my ingredients. After prepping them it took about three minutes to chop everything!

Diced tomatoes in a snap!

And a diced jalepeno pepper too! I used the insert to make smaller dices than what I used for the the tomatoes and onion.

(I don't get paid to talk about the vidalia chopper or anything, and honestly I only really use it to make salsa!). 

Mix up all the ingredients and you're good to go. I wish I had thought to make it yesterday so it could sit in the fridge and marinate and soften a little, but oh well! It was still good today. 


Next up was the sauce or "dressing" from the Fiesta Lime Chicken recipe.

Ignore the shredded cheese and crumbled corn chips--they are toppings for the chicken recipe!
The recipe is easy enough--just mix up the ingredients and you're done! I found it quite spicy so I might dilute it with a little more sour cream, but my husband likes it the way it is.

This sour cream is so delicious I don't think I'll ever use another kind ever again!

It's magic!!

We made frozen fish from Costco. It was breaded cod since that was all we had--and I thought I would've preferred unbreaded--but it actually turned out really well. We liked the crispyness of the fish in the taco with the vegetables. I think it would've been good either way though!