Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clorox ReadyMop Spray Mop

That's right. One whopping star.

I suppose it lasted about a year and a half, but when you realize that I don't even mop once a week--sometimes go much longer than that--saying that it lasted that long really isn't accurate at all. Plus I only ever mop my small-medium sized kitchen, and only occasionally need to mop the teeny tiny bathroom floors. Most of the time I just do those by hand because they're so small!

After about two months a seal broke or something and it started leaking every time you pulled the mop back, dripping water all over the thing itself and where your feet are when you're mopping. Cute.

I naturally complained to the company and all they would say is they'd send me a coupon to get a new one IF I shipped this one to them. Yeah right! I don't even want to know what the shipping would've been to send such a large item, only to wind up with a repeated problem with a replacement. I at least wanted a coupon for something ELSE from Clorox, but nope.

So I deal with all the leaking and dripping, and the fact that it's a poor mop to begin with because you can't put pressure on the mop head while using it because the stick is in the middle of the mop head. I guess this is fairly obvious when you just LOOK at it, but I still expected to have some sort of firm/scrubbing ability. If you're hoping to get the edges of a wall though, you're totally out of luck with this thing. It likes to push grimy water to the edge where the wall meets the floor. So you'll need to wipe around the edges of the room manually if you don't want to end up with dark lines there someday once it builds up enough. I should have realized this before I bought it, I know.

Carrying on......

Today while going through my usual mopping, the stick totally detached from the mop head. It turns out it has two tiny plastic...clips?....that lock it in place. Not surprising at all that they broke and I'm actually surprised they didn't break off earlier than this. See the photos to know what I mean.

Those two little plastic pieces were atteched to the insides of a hole on either side of the stick, where they would clip or attach the mop head to the stick.

Different angle.

To show you where the clips (if they WERE attached) would snap the stick into place--the rectangular hole would line up with the small square hole.
For some reason, this mop isn't anywhere on the internet to critique so I'm doing my own product review here. This mop sucks, DO NOT BUY IT.
I will probably try to rig it with duct tape until I buy something new to replace it. I guess I'm going back to a mop & bucket for lack of anything better. For only needing to use it for my kitchen, it just seems like such a waste of effort to have to fill a bucket.

I hope this was at least slightly informative for someone out there........