Saturday, August 23, 2014

Post of Recent Furniture Makeovers

I admit, a lot of the time when I do projects, I don't want forget to take pictures of my step-by-step progress. Sometimes I'm lucky if I remember to take a "before" picture at all before I tear into the piece.

For that reason, this is a post of a bunch of projects I've completed recently, without instructions. Hopefully it'll serve as a little inspiration. Most of my projects were easy chair seats and painting, and you can find instructions for that sort of thing anywhere on the net.

Forgive the fact that none of my photos have any sort of good "staging" for the furniture. My house is not equipped for any ideal staging for any sort of furniture. The biggest problem is that there is hardly any light in my house, so photos are always dark and grainy without an annoying flash. Sigh!

So here are some before & after shots of my latest redo's!

1. Folding Card Table

I found this card table on the side of the road for free. The fact that it can fold up is really what sealed the deal for me. So I found a vinyl tablecloth, cut out some new board because the old stuff was warped, and covered it with the table cloth. Then I spray painted the table with a matching color and sealed it, then attached the top back on to the table. It's great for having a meal on the front porch!

2. Padded Folding Chairs

These chairs were my husband's hand-me-down's from his parents  a long, long time ago. Both chairs looked like the middle chair in the picture and the outer two are the finished products. All I had to do was pop off the seat, unscrew the back, cover with fabric, spray paint the frames, and put the seat and backs back on. I think they look much improved. It was so easy that I will be able to do it again, probably with outdoor fabric next time!

3. Gun Rack

This was another side-of-the-road find, in the same pile as the folding card table. All it needed was a coat of paint! Hubby didn't want his new gun rack to have any cool colors or stencils on it, so I admit it's a little boring. I used spray paint and also used the leftover copper from the folding chair for the lock. It's not that exciting, but it looks a lot better and it was free.

4. Teal Chair

This was another one of the few old restaurant chairs I bought cheap off of craigslist. I found a fun fabric at Joann's and Valspar happened to have a perfect matching spray paint!

5. Shabby-Chic Octagon Mirror


I got this mirror at a thrift store for $4. I ripped pages out of an old phone book and slide them between the mirror and the frame, then lightly sprayed the frame with white spray paint. Finally, I distressed it a little bit with some fine-grit sand paper. Not to shabby! Get it? Shabby-chic? Not too "shabby"? *rolls eyes*

5. Telephone Table

Hubby's grandma gave this old telephone to me and it was a very fun project! I took the seat, back, and "table" off, then I lightly sanded the black to get any loose paint off and to rough up the surface. Then I spray-primed it and spray painted it silver (but not chrome). I put a thick chair pad on the seat and covered it and the back with a velvety striped fabric from Joann's that I found in the discount section that just seemed perfectly old fashioned to me. I don't have a picture, but I put nickel nailheads on the back of the chair. For the "table" part, I sprayed it silver around the edges and then glued a soft grey fabric onto it so it would semi-match the overall softness of the piece. 
I have to say, this was one of the most fun pieces I've done!

6. Hexa-octa-gon Chair

I got this chair off of Craigslist. I loved the back of the chair with the octagon shape. I have a small obsession with all things hexagon and octagon. I wanted to use a honeycomb (hexagon) fabric on the chair even though it was an octagon on the back since I thought it could still pull it off.
Wanna know a secret? That isn't actually "fabric" per say. It's a shower curtain! I've loved that shower curtain since I first saw it at Target. Hexagons in a pattern with all different colors--can it get any better than that? I was worried that it might fray or not work somehow, but it actually worked great as a fabric! 

And that's the latest on my projects. I have redone a dresser for our bedroom, a big ottoman for the livingroom, a small ottoman for my new reading room, and a bench with a padded seat is almost done. I will do posts of them...eventually!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Paisley Chair

I got a couple of these chairs off of Craigslist to redo. I've got a thing for chairs since I want to have all different kinds of chairs at my dining room table ("all different kinds" = a whopping 4!).

Night Stand/Plant Stand/Coffee Table etc...

I decided to undertake the table that my husband had been using as his nightstand since the beginning of time. I think it's original purpose was a coffee table or some such thing, but I wanted to use it as a table in my new reading room.

Ages and ages ago, I bought a vinyl tablecloth from Ross for like 5 bucks with big plans for the cute pattern. I also happened to have a shade of green paint that would go right along with, between the table, the tablecloth, and the paint, I was all set to go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stained Glass Lampshade Flower Pot

I found an awesome stained glass lampshade at a thrift store for $16. It was missing one piece on the top edge, one piece needed glued back into place, and a few cracks and chips here and there. I loved it! And ever since I saw someone's pin on Pinterest about turning one of these things into a flower pot, I've always wanted to do it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Crystal Fusion review

I'm not even going to bother giving a star to this one.

Crystal Fusion is this fancy stuff they convince you to buy when you buy a car at a dealership. They dazzle you with this little jar of "muddy water" that has half of it painted with Crystal Fusion on the inside and half not. So when you mix up the jar, you can see where the mud sticks and where it doesn't.

Then they dazzle you about how it protects your windshield from all sorts of things--not just precipitation! But from bugs sticking and from rocks chipping. That's right, your windshield won't chip nearly as easy with this stuff! And there's warranty too! If you get chipped, they'll replace your windshield for you!