Friday, January 3, 2014

Crystal Fusion review

I'm not even going to bother giving a star to this one.

Crystal Fusion is this fancy stuff they convince you to buy when you buy a car at a dealership. They dazzle you with this little jar of "muddy water" that has half of it painted with Crystal Fusion on the inside and half not. So when you mix up the jar, you can see where the mud sticks and where it doesn't.

Then they dazzle you about how it protects your windshield from all sorts of things--not just precipitation! But from bugs sticking and from rocks chipping. That's right, your windshield won't chip nearly as easy with this stuff! And there's warranty too! If you get chipped, they'll replace your windshield for you!

So they tried selling us all these super expensive packages with Crystal Fusion included in it (along with a lot of other unneeded junk). Eventually we just said, "Alright, the Crystal Fusion sounds good. Is there any way we could get just that?" And sure enough, they were game for it since everything after the car itself is just candy coating for them as far as money is concerned.

So they signed us up. It's costing us 4 bucks a month, which comes out to 48 bucks a year, which comes out to a grand total of 240 dollars for this wondrous technology over the life of our car loan.

A few weeks after we got the car, we got a tiny little bottle of spray in the mail for the Crystal Fusion. And the it hit me. ARE YOU TELLING ME WE ARE PAYING $240 FOR REALLY EXPENSIVE RAIN-X??? Yes, yes you are. That's EXACTLY what it is. You know how I know?

Because bugs stick to the windshield just like any windshield--they do not come off any easier. And you need to reapply this crap all the time or else it doesn't work (just like Rain-x). And after about two months (at most) we had a chip on our windshield. A teeny tiny chip, the exact kind they said our windshield would be protected against.

So we have a chip, and since our dealership is 25 miles away in the next town over, and the windshield shop is only open M-F, we need to take a day off work just to get a new windshield. And when my husband finally did, they said they couldn't do it because it was too cold and we'd have to go over the mountain pass to get home. Oh, thanks for telling us that BEFORE he took time off work to come over here.
Anyway, that's an issue with the dealership.

The point is that Crystal Fusion is an absolute gimmick. It's snake oil. It's really, really expensive Rain-x. We already had a bottle of Rain-x in our other car that we could've used instead for free.

The spray they sent is in this tiny little bottle, and if you use it up you have to BUY more. You use a LOT of it on the windshield, too. And it's a pain. Half the point of us going for this "Crystal Fusion" stuff was because we believed it worked as good or better than Rain-x without reapplying. We were misled. The other half of the reason we got it was because it was supposed to protect against chips. Which it evidently doesn't do. We hadn't even driven on any gravelly roads!

I don't know what else to say. This is our experience with "Crystal Fusion" Technologies. I've searched high and low on the internet for a place to write a review about it but couldn't find one so I'm using my blog to do so (not the first time!).

Don't buy into it. We'll be paying it off for five more years, and you can bet I'll be applying Rain-x to my windshield before the end of it.

Update 8/26/2014
So we never did get the tiny chip fixed, and it never spread so that was lucky. But a while ago we ended up getting hit with a massive rock on the highway and a crack spread across our windshield within moments. Today I went to get our windshield replaced, because that was the best selling point for Crystal Fusion, dontchya know? They'll replace your windshield with no charge if you buy into CF.
WRONG! The Crystal Fusion wouldn't cover our windshield replacement. Luckily we have comprehensive coverage and had to pay $100 deductible but still got the windshield replaced.
My question is.....what the hell are we paying for?? Barring anything else, I thought that the $4 a month would be insurance against needing a windshield replacement! How is it that both my husband and myself believed that we would have windshield replacement covered with our CF purchase? We aren't stupid people. Especially him. I honestly wouldn't put it past myself to miss something like that, but that kind of thing never gets past Andy.
Billion Auto Group in Bozeman, MT should be ashamed of themselves. They deliberately misled us when we bought the car, and Crystal Fusion is a 100% gimmick. How do they sleep at night? How do they live with themselves??