Thursday, July 17, 2014

Night Stand/Plant Stand/Coffee Table etc...

I decided to undertake the table that my husband had been using as his nightstand since the beginning of time. I think it's original purpose was a coffee table or some such thing, but I wanted to use it as a table in my new reading room.

Ages and ages ago, I bought a vinyl tablecloth from Ross for like 5 bucks with big plans for the cute pattern. I also happened to have a shade of green paint that would go right along with, between the table, the tablecloth, and the paint, I was all set to go!

This is what I had to work with before the transformation:

And then sanded:

It looked like it'd had some reddish stain applied to it. Most of the original finish sanded off easily, and I wasn't going to worry about all the cracks because I was going to paint over it rather than stain it again. 

Then I primed it at least two times (I think it probably really came out to 3 or 4 coats) to cover up all the red stain:

I paid less attention to the table & shelf parts because I knew I was going to cover that up with the vinyl tablecloth.

Then I painted it:

Next I had to cut the tablecloth to fit on top of the table and on the shelf. To do this, I decided to use paper first to make a template. It was tricky, but I got it done well enough.

For the bottom shelf I turned the table over to work on it more easily since I knew the size would stay the same when right-side up. I cut a piece of paper the general size, then was able to carefully trim along the edges for the curved sides (trying not to scratch the fresh paint with my scissors). 
Then, like the top, I cut a slit in the corners right where the legs cut into the shelf. I folded them back and marked the edges with a pencil, and that told me where to trim the paper. I hope the photos demonstrate what I did:

Once I had my sheets of paper cut out, then I traced them onto the back of my vinyl tablecloth and cut them out. They were a little off, but only needed some trimming here and there.

After I had them properly fitted, I glued them to the table with ModPodge. I put a thick layer on the back and on the table, stuck them to it, then I put multiple coats on top. I'm not sure the coats on top did much though because unlike a regular ModPodge project, the glue couldn't soak through the fabric all the way because it's vinyl. I did it anyway and hoped for the best.
After the fabric was sufficiently glued, I coated the entire table in 2-3 coats of satin Polycrylic.

All done! I don't have any pictures of it actually in my reading room because it's not really being used a reading room right now--more like a kitten room. We're fostering kittens!

I think it looks way better than it did before. What do you think?